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To enter any of the Events at Jedburgh Border Games click on the Borders Athletics link below and follow the instructions on the Index Page. The Jedburgh Form is the second listed meeting for both Adult and Youths Entries

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First Man to Finish in the Race Roond the Toon 2017



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Running in to Market Place to take first prize in this year's 'Race Roond the Toon' is Jaimie Gillon with a fair lead on most other competitors. He was ultimately followed in by wudcutter Andrew Thomson. Third to make it back was Sean Paxton who had obviously been to the Ball although his kilt was now a bit askew The first lady to finish was Mrs Denise Sinton dressed in Ball gown and all.

Remarkable Teri success after 26 Years in Athletics

The 110 metres Jedforest Handicap Sprint Final provided a sensational climax to the 164th meeting of Jedburgh Border Games. This was not only a remarkable achievement, but was also the first major sprint win for 54 year old Hawick veteran athlete Drew Bryson after having spent 26 years on the circuit with little to his credit. Against all odds the teri veteran turned the tide by sweeping to an unexpected victory and picking up the £3,000 purse in his first ever successful main event.


Hawick veteran Drew Bryson wearing the number six black bib on the near side of the photograph tears down the field from his handicap mark of 28 metres to snip a completely unexpected victory and claim the big purse for the Jedforest Sprint Handicap in a time of 11.41 seconds. After the race, Bryson remarked, "I can't beleive I've won a sprint at last never mind the Jedsprint."

The Market Place filled with spectators and Ball goers before the hour of 6.00am chimed for the 164th anniversary of Games day 2017. The weather looked very promising with a fair amount of sunshine appearing from between sparse clouds as Games President Andrew Gillan organised for his men to present the traditional cannon firing ceremony. The usual ceremony got underway when callant Broadie Irvine fired the first cannon as the town clock chimed 6.00am to start the commencement of a day of sport. The loud report from the gun prompted the Jedforest Instrumental Band to march from the Band room at Burn Wynd through the Square and down High Street to summon the rest of the town to a day at the sports at Riverside Park. Cannon number two was fired by Jane Cotgrave from New Zealand who was home in Jedburgh to witness the Jethart Callant's Festival. The third gun was fired by Billy Lunn and son, who had also returned to visit Jethart from New Zealand after having left the town several years ago. The fourth gun which was the signal to start the Race Round the Town was fired by Sarah Kerr, the sister of gun firer two who had also returned from New Zealand.
Chico Woods of the Jed Athletics Club described the final result of the Jedforest 110 metres Sprint Handicap as the greatest miracle to take place since Moses parted the Red Sea to allow the Isrealites to flee from Egypt. Against all odds Bryson who comes from the Davie Rae school of athletes in Hawick turned the tide by sweeping to an unexpected victory in a time of 11.41 seconds. Starting from a front mark of 28.5 metres, Bryson appeared to be in with little or no chance to get in to the winning
In this year's latest addition to the Games Programme, The Ladies 100 metres open Handicap, Jedburgh's Sophie Elder running from a mark of 22 metres is unable to break the tape ahead of Hawick girl Phillipa Robertson, handicapped from 20 metres. After some deliberation, the judges awarded a dead heat in a time of 11.60 seconds.
frame for the final, so much so that he was offerred at an 8-1 bet with the bookmakers. The final line up also consisted of Sophie Elder of Jedburgh running from 22 metres, Hawick's Phillipa Robertson off 20 metres, Ronan McKean of Hawick RP off 9 metres, Darcy Graham of Hawick running from 8 metres and David McKay from Kelso off 18 metres. A jubilant Bryson said "I can't believe I have finally won a sprint, never mind the Jed Sprint as it's the big one that everybody wants to win. It's a dream come true for me and I can't really take it in. I knew I was up against it bu nobody had got past me in my heat or cross tie so I told myself, "Don't let them catch you!" and although I couldn't believe it nobody did. Beaten finalists Sophie Elder and Phillipa Robertson made their mark during the opening stages of the Games programme by appearing in the Ladies 100mm Open Handicap. The two were involved in a rare dead heat which the judges were unable to separate. A time of 11.60 seconds was recorded at the finish. Fraser Neil of Kelso produced some explosive running to take honours in the 200 metres Open from an 18 metres handicap. Following an impressive heat win, Neil who is coached by Adie Gray gave a five star show in the final by accelerating in from the back to snatch the victory from Geoff Keen of Selkirk off a mark of 27 metres and Rianna Sterricks it of Leithenburn running from 41 metres in a winning time of 22.23 seconds. David Grieve of Hawick Riverside Peds overhauled Caris Brus of T.L.J.T. who was running off 78 metres in the later stages of the 400 metres Open Handicap to win in a time of 50.72 seconds. Bruce emerged second with Lea Stevenson of Hexam coming in third from a mark of 13 metres. Jamie Waugh running from a mark of 180 metres also put a victory Hawick's way by pulling out the stops in the 1500 metres Open. A member of the Alex Corbett stable, 17 year old Waugh recorded a winning time of 4 minutes 13.73 seconds. Paul Bellingham from Cramlington running off 155 metres emerged the winner of the 800 metres Open Handicap in 1 minute 58.88 seconds. In the Border Athletics 100 metre Sprint Championship
Jedburgh Border Games President's wife Karen Gillan presents Erin Clarkson with the Andrew and Mary Robson Trophy as the most promising young athlete of the 2017 meeting after she turned out in first place in the Youths 800 metres.
Edinburgh's Tom Holligan took first place in 11.12 seconds ahead of Greg Turnbull of T. L. J. T. and Dylan Ali of Hawick. Connor Gillan of Kelso running from 5 metres emerged victorious in the 70 metres Open Handicap, while Tommy Finkle of T.L.J.T. and Craig Knowles of Edinburgh recorded wins in the Veterans and Invitation sprints. Luke Rathie of Leithenburn who has shown great promise during the season took the 90 metres Youth's Frontmarkers Handicap from a start of 13 metres. Douglas Young of Kelso running off 1 metre won the Youths 90 metres Backmarkers Handicap. Sean McMichan of Hawick running from a mark of 36 metres was victor of the 200 metres Handicap for Frontmarkers and Finn Douglas of T.L.J.T. took the Youths 200 metres Handicap for Backmarkers from a 16 metres start. Erin Clarkson of T.L.J.T. running from a 260 metres handicap led from start to finish to take the Youths 800 metres, while Irvine Welsh of Hawick from a 320 metres handicap triumphed in the 1500 metres Youths Handicap. Kelso flyer Ben Lyall powered to a very impressive victory in the Youths 400 metres.

The Andrew & Mary Robson Trophy was awarded to Erin Clarkson of T. L. J. T. as the most promising young athlete of the meeting. Erin led from start to finish to win the Youths 800 metres Handicap.

The Radio Borders Trophy for the Best Borders Athlete of the meeting was presented to Fraser Neil of Kelso.

The 'Strud' Stewart Memorial Trophy for the Best Local Athlete of the meeting went to Sophie Elder T.L.T.J.


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