The Founding Story

The Marquis of Lothian's Majority was written and compiled by the well known Scottish historian Alexander Jeffrey in mutual admiration and respect for the coming of age of William Schomberg Robert Kerr, 8th Marquis of Lothian. The book was printed and published in 1853 to historically commemorate the inauguration of a Border Games which had been suggested by Kerr's Committee of Management to celebrate this auspicious occasion.

It may be sheer coincidence that a badly worn copy of this priceless publication, originally printed and published by William Easton, Jedburgh in a limited edition of 100 copies, turned up during the 150th Anniversary of Jedburgh Border Games held during the summer of 2003. Few records remain of the early Games Events held during the latter part of the 19th century, and it was assumed that a great deal of documentation had perished during the tragic fire of 1898, which consumed the contents of the town's museum.

Click on 'Notices of the Family' on the cover to read a chronological history of the Kerr family, or click on 'Jedburgh Border Games' to read a concise dialogue of the events that took place on Friday, 12th August 1853. Click on the right hand page numbers, to navigate forward, and click on the left hand page numbers to move back. Click the bookmark to close the book.